New Chief of the Defense Staff for Canada

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never went to war, but flew planes over Germany

Never been to war!

Stephen Harper has appointed a new Chief of the Defence Staff, General Thomas Lawson, a veteran Air Force officer.

Lawson has the distinction of being a general who never went to war.

He is what the grunts call a "desk general."

Lawson prefers not to say how old he is, but we know he's been in the military 37 years, which puts him at least in his fifties.

A good part of his career was spent with the American military who he greatly admires.

But what distinguishes him much more, is an article he wrote this summer in the prestigious Canadian Military Journal, in which he praises the purchase of Harper's 65 Lockheed F-35s.

That at least deserves a promotion to the highest military post in Canada.


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